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I’ve launched my Patreon Page!

I am so excited to have launched my new Patreon page - I’ve been tinkering with it for a few weeks and today I pressed the publish button! I’ve been keen to bring all of my ideas together on one platform and Patreon is perfect as it allows me to express myself through my art. I’m able to be messy, playful, experimental and to share mistakes, ideas and all of the behind-the-scenes chaos that goes into my practice. It will also enable me to share tutorials, patterns and tips in one place!

Originally inspired by the Arts Patronage of the Renaissance period, Patreon is a subscription style service that allows Patrons to support their favourite artists to develop their Art with various monthly subscription ‘tiers’.

I’ll be launching with three subscription levels - ‘Kind Sew-porter’, ‘Early Bird Club’ and ‘The Modist Club’ currently at £2, £6 and £12 (plus vat).

To have a look at the tiers I am offering please have a look at - I am absolutely buzzing to get started and I have so many ideas fizzing around in my head right now!!!

Happy sewing peeps!!

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